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Supplying innovative and exciting activities for entertaining children of all ages

Polly’s Crafts was first bought to my attention by a mutual friend of both the previous owner and myself ……and as the saying goes I loved the Crafts so much…. I bought the business.  That was in 2006 and now we are a rapidly growing business with agents in many areas across Australia.  Polly’s Crafts is family owned business based in Townsville, North Queensland.  With nearly 20 years experience in the childcare industry thinking “outside the square” is second nature…… so is looking for fun ways to keep inquisitive minds creatively active. Each year we aim to add Crafts or revamp the crafts to keep them “fresh” and fun.

Polly’s Crafts aims to keep children of all ages…..whether 2 or 102 entertained by providing innovative and fun activities.

The crafts we supply work to stimulate the cognitive skills while also helping to develop fine motor function and social interaction. 

Interacting within a group, discussing colours and options for their chosen craft………… without even realizing it problem solving and confidence building skills are being fine tuned……. breaking down barriers,  often hard for some people to overcome.

Craft overcomes all barriers…..age, disability & behavioural problems all seem to evaporate with the fun and enjoyment of creating a masterpiece.

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